The perfect picnic that’s also easy and inexpensive

By Well+GoodNYC

What makes a summer picnic perfect?

A healthy feast—ideally sans utensils—that doesn’t break the bank. (We’re talking to you “bespoke” grab-and-go hampers that cost upwards of $100 for two diners, and contain mostly packaged foods.)

Our DIY menu of easy-to-prepare summer fare is cost conscious, and the dishes are easy to transport.

So whether you’re biking over to the park or beaching it with friends, this healthy picnic menu will satisfy the demands of your wallet, your hunger in the great outdoors, and your nutritionist, all in one delicious spread. —Jennifer Kass

DIY Perfect Picnic Menu

Appetizer: Spicy Edamame Hummus and Crudité

This non-dairy, high-protein dip is rich, creamy, and will give you extra energy for surfing or frisbee. Chef’s choice on the selection of veggies served alongside for dipping.

Food52 collard wrapEntree: Collard Wraps

Forget tortillas, which can become soggy. Instead, fill these fresh greens with your favorite sandwich fixings and roll them up. Check out the versatile list of ingredients in this Food52 recipe.

Side: Kale Chips

A serious upgrade to a bag of potato chips, these are just as addictive and crunchy, minus the cheapo fried carbs.

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