Josie Maran’s Expert Model Makeup Tips, Part 2

By No More Dirty Looks

Last week Josie told us why we should use our fingers to apply makeup (just make sure they’re clean, y’all!), and this week she dishes on the sliding scale of “green,” her other favorite sustainable cosmetics brands and how traditional makeup used to wreak havoc on her skin.

When you were modeling all the time did you notice a difference in your skin and hair from all the product used? Did that have any part in you going clean?

With 17 years of modeling experience, I’ve spent a lot of time in the makeup chair. There were days Id have makeup caked-on and I often got break outs. I never heard about healthier alternatives that were functional enough to be used by professional makeup artists. If I had, I would have asked that we use them. This is what inspired me to start my own line.  It was also perfect that I was pregnant around the same time I was developing the line, because it definitely made me more aware of what I was putting inside my body and on my skin. I wanted to stay away from toxins as much as possible.

Where do you stand on the sliding scale of green? Totally clean without exceptions? Or do you bend the rules sometimes?

I was born into a family that cares about environmental and social issues, so being green and natural has always been an important part of my life.  I try to reduce my carbon footprint whenever possible—one of my favorite things to do is compost in my backyard!

As for my brand, it has always been a luxurious, high-performance line that uses many natural and organic ingredients.  As we’ve progressed, I have found that select synthetic ingredients are essential to high-performance cosmetics and since these will remain in some formulations, I am implementing ways to bring balance to this equation. Planting thousands of trees, donating profits to eco-organizations such as Global Green USA and the Natural Resources Defense Council, etc. Also, our packaging will remain compostable, biodegradable and/or recyclable.  I am committed to being as authentic and transparent as possible as my line continues to grow.

Are there any exciting new discoveries you’ve made?

I’m really excited about my new mascara. We found a great way to introduce natural blacker-than-black mascara that really performs, while also giving back to a great cause. The formula features a breakthrough ingredient: double silica encapsulated carbon black.  It offers unbeatable shine, the deepest carbon black available and water resistant, long wear benefits.

What’s your absolute favorite product from your own line?

My absolute favorite product is of course my 100% pure organic argan oil.  It’s the ultimate multitasking product. I use it as a daily moisturizer, to heal rough cuticles and to fix split ends.

Other than your own, what are some other favorite clean brands?

I love Jo Wood Organics, Lulu Organics, and Duchess Marden.

Juice Beauty

Juice Beauty is a revolutionary skin care brand riding the organic crest, offering a broad product range for all skin types. Their skin care products are formulated only with organically or sustainably grown produce from USDA certified organic farms, so you can rest assured they are of the highest purity. Whereas most skin care products subsist in a water base, Juice Beauty uses fruit juice, adding greater antioxidant protection to their products. Organic products from Juice Beauty deliver all the skin nourishing benefits of traditional skin care without any harmful toxins or artificial preservatives. Juice Beauty is the organic solution for healthy, radiant skin and hair.

I love all of the products, now you can even purchase them from Sephora :) Check it out girls.

Here is the link:

Jane Iredale – The Skin Care Makeup

At last, a makeup that is good for the skin! Jane Iredale Makeup is mineral-based and gentle enough to apply on laser-resurfaced skin. Formulated with titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, Jane Iredale’s makeup provides chemical-free, broad-spectrum sun protection with a very high water-resistant rating. The titanium dioxide and zinc oxide also contribute an anti-inflammatory property helpful with skin prone to acne and rosacea. Jane Iredale products carry minimal allergy risk because there are no sensitizers such as preservatives, dyes, or perfume. Non-comedogenic and oil-free products allow weightless coverage since no fillers are used. Micronized mineral bases incorporate foundation, powder, concealer and sunscreen into one product, allowing for fast application. State-of- the-art cosmeceutical ingredients ensure the finest performance in coverage, application and texture. Plus the makeup lasts all day.

I love this line, they have everything, especially my favorite mineral foundation :D

Here is the link: